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Redwood Regional Park
Published On January 15, 2018

January 15, 2018

Redwood Regional Park is around eight miles east of Oakland and falls in the East Bay Regional Parks District of the San Francisco Bay Area. Situated on the hills, Redwood Regional Park is home to one of the largest natural stands of Coast Redwood or Sequoia Sempervirens. These redwood trees grow in abundance closer to the coast, owing to the favorable weather combining cool air and relatively higher humidity throughout the year. The geographical uniqueness of the area creates a coastal condition, which allows the redwood forest to flourish.

About Redwood Regional Park

Redwood Regional Park is located at 7867 Redwood Road in Oakland, easily accessible from Castro Valley and other parts of Central California via interstate and intercity highways. There are multiple entrances to the park. The one on Redwood Road, known as Redwood Gate, is the primary entrance. You could drive to the park or take public transportation. It is better to drive if you are staying in Castro Valley. There are many tourist hotspots along the way and around the park so you would want the freedom to be wherever you want at any point in time.

Redwood Regional Park is known for its quiet groves bearing little to no resemblance to its industrious past, the thriving era of logging. The park has almost two thousand acres of evergreens, grasslands, and chaparrals that are home to the golden eagle, deer, Alameda striped race, rabbits, squirrels, and raccoons. There are four picnic sites that can be reserved for groups of fifty to a hundred and fifty. A few of them are more secluded than the ones in the open. Some of the picnic sites are wheelchair accessible.

There is a play area for kids, camping areas allowing overnight stays and different types of trails where you could jog, hike or try your skills at horseback riding. There are around forty miles of trails in Redwood Regional Park including the East Bay Skyline National Trail and the Bay Area Ridge Trail. You can check out the trail map online to plan your expedition. You may also want to check the activity calendar for the park to ascertain if anything in particular interests you. Learn more here:

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